Rainy Days Thursday, Jan 14 2010 

In Southern California we get sunshine most days, but unfortunately today was one of those lousy rainy days. At least I have my Warrior Custom Golf driving net that I have set up in my garage to tee up and drive about 500 balls today. The net is 6 x 10 and was free from Warrior Custom Golf ($300 retail value) for test playing the new 3,5,7 Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods. I absolutely love the forgiveness, consistancy, and distance I get with these clubs; I will be keeping these clubs when the test play is over. If you are looking for some general info and reviews, I found a third party review site called Warrior Custom Golf Information.


Warrior Custom Golf Christmas Grab Bag Wednesday, Dec 16 2009 

Need last minute gift ideas for this holiday season? Warrior Custom Golf has a Christmas grab bag with numerous golf accessories, perfect for any golfer. I also recommend checking out the new Tomahawk series of clubs — excellent quality, incredible consistency and distance, and ideal affordability during these tough economic times.

Warrior Custom Golf Monday, Dec 7 2009 

Warrior Custom Golf established in the late 1990s has not only survived the numerous golf club scams, but has flourished to become one of the leading golf club manufacturers in the country. This success can be contributed to the recruitment of many of the top master club builders in the country; an astounding attention to detail; the development of the most advanced golf technology; a staff of well educated club fitters and caring customer service; unmatched loyalty and affordability to their customers; a dedication to serve the community through sponsorships and charity events; and a pursuit to perfection as a company and organization.