Rainy Days Thursday, Jan 14 2010 

In Southern California we get sunshine most days, but unfortunately today was one of those lousy rainy days. At least I have my Warrior Custom Golf driving net that I have set up in my garage to tee up and drive about 500 balls today. The net is 6 x 10 and was free from Warrior Custom Golf ($300 retail value) for test playing the new 3,5,7 Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods. I absolutely love the forgiveness, consistancy, and distance I get with these clubs; I will be keeping these clubs when the test play is over. If you are looking for some general info and reviews, I found a third party review site called Warrior Custom Golf Information.

Warrior Custom Golf Christmas Gift Wednesday, Nov 11 2009 

Warrior Custom Golf just announced that this year’s FREE* Christmas gift will include their new Signature Series Mallet Putter…I can’t wait to get mine!!!